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District energy: coming to a community near you

District energy soon could spread from colleges and downtowns to a corporate campus near you. In Guelph, Ont., about an hour west of Toronto, it's already happening.

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Waxman, Whitehouse comment on Keystone XL

Rep. Waxman (D-CA) and Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI) have issued comments on the Keystone XL Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement from the State Dept.

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IPCC: Replace coal with natgas CC/CHP plants

Anthropogenic GHG emissions can be reduced significantly by replacing current coal‐fired power plants with highly efficient natural gas combined-cycle or CHP plants.

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Clean, Efficient & Resilient Energy on Campus

IDEA's 27th Annual Campus Energy Conference, held in Atlanta, GA Feb. 16-18 featured over 700 attendees and a sold-out exhibition of 92 business partners.

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Montpelier VT moves to biomass district energy

Vermont's capitol city is readying to fire up its two new biomass boilers, fueled by green wood chips, and new hot water distribution loop which is now complete.

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How to keep the lights on after a superstorm

Hoboken, NJ Mayor Dawn Zimmer is now working with Sandia National Laboratories, PSEG, and others to put her city on its own resilient microgrid.

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CHP facility for Hanlon Creek Business Park, Guelph

CHP facility planned for Hanlon Creek Business Park, Guelph ON, will meet city's future energy needs while reducing the environmental impact of power generation.

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How Boston is preparing for rising seas

How is Boston, Mass., preparing for a rise in mean sea level predicted at two feet or more by 2050? The Boston Globe interviews leading planning experts.

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Qatar Cool's 3rd district cooling plant in Doha

Qatar Cool Chairman Bader al-Meer: To meet the cooling demands of customers in West Bay, Qatar Cool is preparing to open its third plant in the area.

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Community Energy Guidebooks: U.S. & Canada

New IDEA publications provide guidance on the local district energy project development process in the U.S. & Canada, in a form accessible to lay readers, to assist them in making informed decisions.

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