$30m EBRD loan to fund DE system in Amman, Jordan

The loan will fund the construction of Jordan's first district cooling & heating plant at the Abdali Urban Regeneration development in Amman.

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Penn State converting from coal to natural gas

Penn State Univ. removing 3 coal boilers & old nat gas boiler; installing 2 new nat gas boilers & 2.6 miles of new distribution pipe; GHGs to drop 50%.

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Montpelier VT to launch new wood-fired system

"Downtown Montpelier will be spending less on heat then they were before, because this plant is so efficient," said City Manager Bill Fraser.

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Denmark: district heating improved energy security

District heating networks heat 63% of Danish households. Denmark has become a net exporter of oil and expects to remain so until at least 2018.

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How energy efficient are U.S. cities?

The ACEEE's "State and Local Energy Efficiency Database," is an insightful resource documenting U.S. cities' policies in pursuit of energy efficiency.

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VIDEO: CNN interviews Tabreed CEO Jasim Thabet

Jasim Thabet explains the critical role of district cooling in the Middle East during a tour of Tabreed's state-of-the-art 35,000TR Yas Island facility.

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Heather Zichal: The Impact of Clean Power

VIDEO: Heather Zichal, former Dep. Asst. Dir. for Energy & Climate Change, addressing the IDEA 105th Annual Conference & Trade Show in Seattle, Wash.

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"Think Microgrid: A Discussion Guide"

How to capture the full benefit of microgrids? “Think Microgrid” reveals the major issues as crucial, early policy discussions begin in North America.

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CCAP: Achieving 111(d) compliance using CHP

CCAP Study: How Combined Heat & Power (CHP) can support state compliance with EPA guidance on regulating existing power plants under CAA section 111(d).

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Webinar: A Practical Overview of Microgrids

IDEA Pres./CEO Rob Thornton: "More than diesel generators with an extension cord...robust, 24/7/365 asset that provides primary energy services."

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Community Energy Guidebooks: U.S. & Canada

FREE download: New IDEA pubs provide guidance on local district energy project development process in U.S. & Canada, in a form accessible to lay readers.

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District energy: coming to a community near you

District energy soon could spread from colleges & downtowns to a corporate campus near you. In Guelph, Ontario, it's already happening.

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