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As UT-Austin grows, energy bills & emissions shrinking

The University of Texas at Austin is the textbook of success... What Juan Ontiveros has done there, is to turn energy efficiency into a fine economic art.

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Minn. to cut CO2 by 80% & strengthen its economy

Minnesota's new Climate Action Plan describes how the state can achieve its goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% while strengthening its economy.

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Coal use by U.S. colleges declined by 64% since 2008

Coal consumption by colleges and universities in the United States has declined from 2 million short tons in 2008 to 700,000 short tons in 2015.

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IDEA & MRC merge to promote microgrids

Merger integrates MRC's regulatory and policy expertise with the operational expertise of IDEA members to accelerate microgrid deployment in North America.

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"Earth Source Heat" to warm Cornell campus

Cornell to drill well pair 2 miles deep to tap heat from basement rock and circulate the heated water in a closed loop to supply district heat to the campus in demo project.

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Electric utilities leveraging district energy systems

Florida Public Utilities Co. partnering with Rayonier Performance Fiber on Eight Flags CHP project... to begin commercial operations later this year.

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Award-winning German CHP plant 85% efficient

By the numbers: New gas-fired, single-shaft combined-cycle CHP Fortuna Unit of Düsseldorf's Lausward power plant: 603.8 MWe, 300MWth, 85% energy efficient.

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Best practices in operator training pays off

IDEA member systems explain in detail how investing in operator training pays big dividends in enhanced operating efficiency and employee retention.

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Video: What is the Microgrid Resources Coalition?

The MRC is a consortium of leading microgrid owners, operators, developers, suppliers and investors whose purpose is to advance microgrids as energy resources.

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How do colleges avoid grid blackouts? Microgrids.

Wendy Koch reports in National Geographic on how tech-savvy universities are leading the way with innovative ideas to make their campuses energy independent.

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Video explains: "What Is a Microgrid?"

Members of the Microgrid Resources Coalition explain the key functions of a microgrid and how it can operate in parallel with the main power grid or in isolation.

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Duke Energy CHP plant to cut Duke Univ. emissions

Duke Energy is planning a $55 million CHP plant at Duke University that is projected to cut carbon emissions for the university's operations by 25%.

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Industry News

Update from the Marrakech Climate Change Summit

EPA presents Energy Star CHP Awards

BTEC releases draft, seeks feedback on biomass boiler efficiency test method

U.S. EIA interactive State energy maps have been updated

The New York Times: Bloomberg says cities will continue to fight climate change

25th Annual Bingham Greenbaum Doll LegCon returns to the Indiana Convention Center on Dec. 14

Mayors of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia co-author op-ed piece to support Clean Energy Plan for PA

IDEA Activity

Briefing Notice: “District Energy, CHP, Microgrids: Resilient, Efficient Energy Infrastructure”

District Cooling Conference concludes on a high note

IDEA international district cooling conference opens in Dubai

International District Cooling Conference 2016 reunites elite green experts to share highly efficient solutions

IDEA held 4th Annual Mutual Assistance for District Energy (MADE) Table-Top Exercise Webinar—2016 Emergency Preparedness Training

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