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  • Annual Conferences and Trade Shows—Since 1909

Gala dinner at Centennial Conference, Washington D.C., June 30, 2009
Gala dinner, IDEA's Centennial Conference, National Building Museum, Washington D.C., June 30, 2009.

The IDEA Annual Conference and Trade Show is IDEA's largest meeting of the year and has been held annually since 1909 (except in 1918 due to WWI). This conference addresses a host of the most current issues in the district energy industry. Anyone interested in district energy, distributed generation, combined heat and power, sustainable energy, waste heat recovery and energy efficiency will benefit from attending this comprehensive conference.

Three days of presentations and technical guided tours are combined with IDEA's best vendor opportunity of the year — the full-scale trade show. The trade show showcases the newest technologies and equipment in the district energy industry, and allows attendees to meet with vendors and suppliers. Numerous social activities and meal functions complement the educational program. The event closes with the traditional chairman's banquet, signaling the start of a new year for IDEA's Board of Directors and the association. For more information, please contact IDEA at (508) 366-9339 or email us at idea@districtenergy.org.

  • Annual Campus Energy Conference and Distribution Workshop—Since 1988

Campus Energy Workshop, Durham NC, Feb.
Campus Energy Workshop, Durham NC, Feb. 9, 2009.



The Annual Campus Energy Conference is geared specifically to the needs of the people responsible for the operation of district energy systems in a campus or institutional environment. The conference provides educational sessions and networking opportunities to discuss issues specific to campus district energy systems. Tabletop exhibits enable attendees to meet with vendors and suppliers showing the newest technologies available to the industry.

The IDEA Distribution Workshop (see photo) is a two-day pre-conference event scheduled before the Campus Energy Conference Technical Program begins. The workshop features panel discussions and training by industry experts on safety, engineering and maintenance of thermal distribution systems, geared to hands-on system operations staff and management. The workshop setting encourages attendees to exchange experiences and ideas regarding distribution issues with peers. A technical tour of a district energy system is included so that participants can see the host's system in operation.

  • International District Cooling Conference and Trade Show

International District Cooling Conference, Dubai UAE, October 2008.
International District Cooling Conference, Dubai UAE

The International District Cooling Conference & Trade Show International District Cooling Conference & Trade Show focuses on optimizing  District Cooling system assets for efficient and reliable performance and setting the stage for maximizing returns for the shareholders and customers. The program addresses the need to design systems that address the challenges of global climate change, water and power conservation, green building design and sustainable large urban and mixed-use developments.

For more information, please contact IDEA at (508) 366-9339 or email us at idea@districtenergy.org.

  • Marketing Workshop

IDEA's annual Marketing Workshop provides an educational opportunity for marketing and sales professionals to learn about industry trends and exchange experiences and ideas with their peers,the workshop allows marketing and sales professionals in the district energy industry to network and share experiences, ideas and innovations to assist them in the development of their own markets. During this two-day workshop, the marketing forum participants also assist in developing the vision for the association and the district energy industry. For more information, please contact IDEA at (508) 366-9339 or email us at idea@districtenergy.org.

  • IDEA Webinars

IDEA presents and hosts webinars on a broad range of district energy related topics. Presenters are peer-recognized industry experts with years of experience in their field.

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•  Past Webinars

  • IDEA Briefings

IDEA has briefed federal and state leaders and staff in the U.S. and abroad to inform them about the valuable economic and environmental advantages of efficient district energy, combined heat and power systems, and waste heat recovery systems. At times we may join with other district energy experts to provide an overview of the technologies and to discuss case studies that illustrate how district energy has reduced operating costs, created jobs, strengthened grid reliability, reduced emissions, and converted waste streams into useful thermal energy. Past Briefings

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