Community Energy Development Guide--Canada

The International District Energy Association (IDEA) is pleased to release our publication for the Canadian market: Community Energy: Planning, Development and Delivery - Strategies for Thermal Networks.

Click to download the publication.
Click to download the publication.

The guidebook aims to support mayors, planners, community leaders, the development community and economic development officials who are interested in planning more resilient urban energy infrastructure, driving the community energy planning process and implementing district energy systems in cities, communities and towns.

The Canadian edition of the guidebook is designed to equip key decision makers with the knowledge and understanding to make confident and informed decisions on energy, environmental and economic matters relevant to local energy implementation. IDEA will disseminate this best practice approach across Canada in conjunction with partner organizations and agencies to better inform the marketplace, build greater awareness of the advantages of district energy, CHP and waste energy recovery, and engage public/private partnerships in industry growth.

Brad Bradford, co-author of the Canadian edition of the guidebook, states that "we are in the midst of a paradigm shift - we can no longer exclusively rely on a centralized generation model where supply is discontinuously located from demand. Canadian urban centers are experiencing tremendous growth and district energy systems are being deployed to ensure the delivery of efficient, robust and resilient heating, cooling, and power. The Community Energy Guide for the Canadian market will help city builders champion this important transformation in their communities."

IDEA, a non-profit industry trade association established in 1909, based outside of Boston, Massachusetts, engaged UK-based district energy specialist Michael King, author of the UK and US guidebooks by the same name, to work with IDEA's own Brad Bradford. Michael King is the principal of District Energy Development Ltd. in the UK and a board member of Aberdeen Heat & Power, as well as a recent IEA District Energy Climate Award Winner. Brad Bradford holds a Masters of Planning degree from the University of Waterloo and is the Community Energy Planner at IDEA. Together, King and Bradford revised the contents of the guide for the Canadian market to reflect provincial policy, the specific nuances and drivers of system deployment, and leverage the emerging momentum around the community energy planning process and integration of community-based energy systems within broader planning frameworks. 


IDEA gratefully acknowledges the member organizations that agreed to support and contribute to the revision, production and dissemination process of this publication.

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