Our members have been making district energy history since 1909. Join us and help shape the future!

IDEA members worldwide are involved in the operation, design, construction, and optimization of district heating, district cooling, and combined heat and power (CHP) systems located in cities, communities and on campuses and owned and operated by public and private utilities, municipalities, hospitals, military bases and airports. Our mission is to foster their success.

We hold several conferences each year that feature peer-reviewed technical presentations, workshops, trade shows with exhibits from leading industry business partners and suppliers and guided technical tours of district energy systems.

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IDEA Member Testimonials 

In our industry, every minute and every day has a change. The people in IDEA are striving always to be the leader among the other associations and other organizations. - Ahmad Bin Shafar, Empower


"Most of the new business we've acquired has come from being an IDEA exhibitor." - L. Willis, Flow Control Industries

"I like the smaller scale of IDEA conferences and value the lessons learned, hearing our counterparts and their experiences with their projects. Really gives you a good perspective on what happens on campuses."  - Clark DeVries, University of Nebraska

 "IDEA gives us a good understanding of current and future policy and regulation, which is important for us to keep a finger on the pulse." - Nick Bellissemo, GE Power & Water

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Who are our Members?

IDEA and the MRC represent leading district heating and cooling, combined heating & power and microgrid executives, managers, engineers, consultants and equipment suppliers from 25 countries.

Our members operate district energy systems owned by utilities, municipalities, hospitals, military bases and airports throughout North America and around the world. The largest district heating system in the United States, owned by Consolidated Edison of New York, is an IDEA member, as are the nation's largest district cooling systems, Enwave Chicago and the Texas Medical Center in Austin, Texas.

A full list of active IDEA and MRC members is available to other members on the Members section of this website. The organizations to which our members belong compose a world-class list set of colleges and universities, utilities, urban downtown district energy systems, research campuses, other large facilities and district energy associations around the world.

Middle East Activities

If you have any questions about membership in IDEA or the MRC, please contact us:

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