Microgrid Resources Coalition

About the Microgrid Resources Coalition

The Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) is a group of individual energy experts and companies who have joined together to influence public policy to encourage the development of microgrids.

"The Microgrid Resources Coalition seeks to advance microgrids as energy resources.  Microgrids provide efficient, low-cost, clean energy, enhance local resiliency, and improve the operation and stability of the regional electric grid. Microgrids provide dynamic responsiveness unprecedented for an energy resource. Despite these many benefits, development of microgrids faces practical and regulatory hurdles. The Coalition promotes widespread implementation of microgrids through laws, regulations and tariffs that compensate them for their services, support their deployment and operations, and do not discriminate among industry participants in the implementation of microgrids." (from the MRC Statement of Goals)


The comments of the founding members of the MRC are captured in the following videos, which were recorded at the MRC's formal launch event at IDEA's 27th Annual Campus Energy Conference in Atlanta, Ga., February 19, 2014:


1. Tom Nyquist of Princeton University announces the formation of the MRC.

2. What is the Microgrid Resources Coalition and why do we need it?

3. What does the grid of the future look like? 4. Where will the Coalition focus its efforts?
5. Who needs to be educated about the benefits of microgrids?  







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