National District Energy System Maps

Interactive district energy/CHP system and heat maps. Click on the illustrations to access the interactive versions.

Canada (Source: IDEA)↑ United States (Source: IDEA)↑

United Kingdom (Source: Dept. of Energy & Climate Change) ↑ Denmark (Source: Danish Energy Agency)↑
Heat map Scotland
London, England (Source: Mayor of London)↑ Scotland (Source: Government of Scotland)↑

England Maps National Heat Strategy and District Heating Systems

UK Heat Map

England’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have published a heat map created by UK organization The Centre for Sustainable Energy.

The creation of the National Heat Map is part of a government effort to create a comprehensive national heat strategy. The heat strategy will identify how the country supplies and uses heat and create a policy framework to guide future reductions in the amount of energy that is used for heating buildings.

The UK uses more energy for heating than for transport or the year the UK will spend around £33 billion on heat across the economy.  Read More..


(left) National Heat Map of the UK. (click for full-scale) (Source: Department of Energy & Climate Change)

Following the UK Government's call for the creation and expansion of district heating networks, the  Combined Heat & Power Association (CHPA)  has published the UK’s first Map of District Heating Schemes.

The Association for Decentralised Energy identified over 200 existing heat networks - a mixture of residential, commercial and public sites - with a further 70 in development. Data were compiled through a survey of ADE members and scheme operators. There is currently no mandatory reporting requirement for district heating in the UK, so the scale of deployment has previously been unknown. (Statistics are available for other EU Member States, where district heating is more prevalent. Visit Euroheat & Power's website for more information.)


(left) District Energy System Map of the UK compiled by the CHPA. (click for full-scale) (Source: Euroheat & Power)

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