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Utility Connections

A first step might be to talk with your utility or energy service provider.  Natural gas or other fuels will be needed to drive the CHP system under consideration, and it always pays to keep a friendly, professional relationship going with your service provider.


Professional Help

Secondly, professional engineers, industry consultants or project developers might need to be called to assist in the evaluation of the project.  Professionals can help assess technical and economic feasibility of the project, help overcome utility or community resistance to a project, assist with siting and permitting, and a host of other issues that may arise.  Please visit the IDEA On-Line Resource Guide for a listing of professional resources available to support project development.


Encourage Communications

Often, technical and economic folks don't "talk the language" of the other party.  Encourage each party to learn the basic information that the other party will require to make an informed decision.


Leverage Resources

IDEA has a listing of its professional members in the On-Line Resource Guide.  EPA CHP Partnership Program is another location for industry resources.


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